Monday, 4 July 2011

Weight issues ♥

I had this post before but the text disappeared? Idk.
I will upload the small giveaway soon. The items have arrived ^^
I feel like I need to change my banner. That pictures really annoys me now.

Aaaaanyway back to the point. Over the past few months I have gain 7KG! This is from loss of a family member close to me... anyway... back to the point again. I have decided (as you would) to lose it and even more. I am aiming for 45kg. Not too little, not too much :) But I have no idea how to diet anymore because when I eat less, I seem to gain weight? wtf.

Breakfast: Porridge and some kind of nectarine
Lunch: One sandwich
Dinner: Chinese. Not meaning Chinese takeaway but like Chinese cuisine? idk.
Snacks: Fruit, green tea if you call them snacks
Other: I have a bad habit of drinking a lot of water. In a day, I probably consume around 5 liters. I am going to keep that up because water burns calories. I also do face roller for ten minutes and body roller in the shower / bath.
Exercise: I do an hour a day of hard exercise :) And for some reason doing the drums on guitar hero seems to have really toned my arms so I am going to keep that up. 100 stomach crunches? I don't know what they are called. I do this thing that is supposed to make your hips really curvy but curvy in a skinny way? idk.

I went out the other day and this is my look.
Hoodie: Lonsdale
Top: Drop Dead
Skirt: TutuHa

Weird face ><

May Kay ♥


  1. good luck and I know your problem. I need to lose weight too, again. But summer is good for it, isn't it?

  2. it is a bad habit to drink a lot of water??
    i have that bad habit too!!!I really a lot of water and people said that makes me look fatter!T_T..but what i can do??water is my life..

  3. I know how you feel, when I was 17 I got depressed and gained 20 (!) kg. Luckily I've lost half of it, but I still miss my old size. But anyway, I think you look great. <3