Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Gyaru Teeth + Braces ♥

I get my braces off in about seven weeks! Finally! I will have perfect Kumikki style teeth!

Myths about braces:
They are very painful
False! They have a tightening, moderate pain for about 4 days after you have them put on, and whenever you get them tightening, it will hurt lightly for about a day.

No man will ever want to go near you
False! According to Slink (BBC website... thing that now closed down) said that boys like braces.

Kumikki had teeth... surgery? idk to make her perfect teeth.

Egg magazine's Nari has braces :O

May Kay ♥


  1. i want to have braces too but i heard that it was painful because have to pluck one or two teeth in front...oh my...>_<

    and here..the clinic did not recommend braces for over 17 years old..

  2. I had braces too and it is such a myth that it puts guys off. I had a few boyfriends during the time I had braces, and I was older XD