Wednesday, 27 July 2011

How to survive Gyaru ♥

In my year and a bit of Gyaru, I have noticed a few problems...

People thinking:
- You are trying to be Japanese
- If you white, people thinking you are trying to be Asian
- If you are Asian, people think you are trying to be white
- People thinking you want to be an anime character (I got told I want to be a anime porn star. LOL TENTACLE PORN)

Scary / perverted men on Facebook
I know I am generalizing... but most of them to be were Asian... They tell me to come and visit them :( Some of them are quite sweet though... they tell me how pretty they think I am ^^ usually I just don't accept the because they scare me.

Being forever alone
Because the Gyaru comm is quite small in the UK, there are no Gyaruos (which are kind of my type... they are HAWT) and there are not may guys that like the Gyaru look.


May Kay ♥


  1. it creeps me out when random asian men add me on FB too.. and when thy poke me lol. REJECT.

    I love the UK Gal community, it's growing every day so it's becoming a less lonely place for us :DD

  2. Hahaha oh I get mails from Japanese guys asking me to come visit themm aswell. But I don't mind cos 80% of them are young and HOT HOT HOT haha XD.

    Im not really gyaru, I love the graru style and have my very gyaru days, but I get alot of that ''omg you tryin to be asian?!''

    Aww ur friend has such a cute blog!

    *waves from UK* =D ~<3

    Jo Tokyo

  3. N'awww you look so cute <3
    Thank you for linking my blog Loveee youu

  4. You look So Pretty! I know They do same thing to me!! And I'm Texas and Its feels NO ONE is Like me! I May find some in Houston.. But That's it.. I feel So Lonely!