Saturday, 23 July 2011

Hyper Japan ♥

A blog about Hyper Japan. So many took my picture! I felt like a model >< I had to take lolita snapshots for my course work.

This guy went past me and said 'errrgh more Japanese people' 1) I am not Japanese, I am proud of my half chinese heritage, and 2) You come to a Japanese convention and expect to see white people...

My look of the day
My nails - I done myself. Someone asked what salon I went to!

Barry M foundation
Garnier eye roll on
Candy Doll powder
Cosmagic highlight
Rimmel bronzing powder to contour

Dolly Wink 02, 06, volume mascara, brown eyeshadow, eyeliner
N07 eyebrow pencil
Palty eyebrow mascara

Candy Doll lipstick
Candy Doll lipgloss

I went in a yukata! Yukata by Sweet Angel

Camera whoreing on the train. My friend Hannah was Grell from Black Butler

Herp Derp faces.

Camera whoreing outside the event. Here is Ola (middle one's blog)

BBTSSB dress

Her outfit was so cute!

Lolita fashion show

 they kind of hosted it. All I remember is that they gothicy one was called Pheobe.

 Brolia / Kadona
She looked really miserable throughout it. 

My friend is the Shiro lolita on the left 

There was a maid cafe. They done a dance but being only 155cm, I was swamped by people. 

KAAAAANOOOONNNN. She sings like an angel. You can tell no auto tune is used in her songs. She was actually quite serious and scary :L She started talking in a cute little accent and no one could really hear what she was saying - she was so quiet!

I met blogger Georgie

Now for my buys
AKB48 box of poster and a folder

 KERA and Hana-Chu with a free Pink Latte makeup bag!

Cupcake necklace, deco stickers and Cake thing that I will but on my phone

Kiiroitori! My new sleeping compainion. Modelled by my sister :P

May Kay ♥


  1. Ahh! You look so cute!
    I went to hyper Japan last year but it looked so much better this year~!
    What coursework were you doing? Last year I took loads of photographs of lolita girls and other interesting outfits for my photography project! :)

    -Issy xox

  2. Oh! In answer to your question~

    They are between £1.50-£3.00 each, me and my mum ordered twelve and it came to about £30 and they didn't charge us anything for shipping! :) I recommend they have all the bison ones which seem to be the most favoured in the gyaru community!

    -Issy xox

  3. Ahhhhh its great seeing all my lolita friends in this post too XD!!

    You look really adorable here *0*!