Saturday, 6 April 2013

fyeah shop staff blog ♥

Hi :) I'm here to promote my new Gyaru shop staff tumblr blog
I realized there wasnt a tumblr blog dedicated to shop staff so I made one
Love May Kay

Monday, 9 April 2012



Sorry for advetising but I really need to get this sold or I am dead meat to my family. Please reblog? :)

I am selling a 100% genuine (from Angelic Pretty website) decoration dream one piece in pink.

haven’t got any feedback because it is my first time selling

Selling this because I bought it for prom and I fell out of love for Lolita. I paid £400 for the dress with shipping and customs. It has been tried on twice, one on me and another time on the mannequin and never worn out. It is in the bag thing it came

I am asking £300 (very negotiable).

It is a new AP and it is still being sold on their website.

Please, contact me either via tumblr private message or email me at

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Wednesday, 28 December 2011

Christmas post! ♥


Sorry for not posting and thank you for sticking with me! I haven’t been feeling my best for the past few weeks. I will do a big post right now :)

I realised I had this blog for over a year now… wow time goes past

I ordered a Sailor Fuku! So excited to get it!

My Christmas was quite… neutral… I don’t get the excitement in Christmas anymore… probably because of my many mental problems lmao :L The highlight of my Christmas was listening to Danisnotonfire and Amazingphil on BBC 1 – this is what my life has become.

I will show you what presents when I charged up my camera :)


DSCF6337 DSCF6328 DSCF6336

I made / bought a Japanese School girl outfit! I am so happy with how it turned out. I only had to buy the skirt and the rest I made or had it lying around the house!


Random pictures (mostly face spam) from past few weeks!

DSCF6149 DSCF6151 DSCF6157 DSCF6187 DSCF6192 DSCF6205

Attractive picture of Ola. I will do a review of this mask. I look so cute in the mask :L AM I KAWAII YET? no –_-


DSCF6278 DSCF6279 DSCF6280 DSCF6281 DSCF6282

I came back to see my sister redecorated my room –_-


Last thing – Tsubasa released a new song! Its called ずるいよ.

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Monday, 19 December 2011

Tomomi Itano inspired makeup – useless tutorial ♥

I hate being alone near Christmas. Forever single and alone D:

At the moment I am very interested in Lolita. I am looking through the Bodyline website because I am forever poor to buy brand.

AT LAST a makeup tutorial! I said I would do this for months. I am also planning to do my everyday makeup tutorial… even though its really not that interesting.


What I look like without makeup… my eyes look scary from the lenses lmao

 DSCF6105 DSCF6106

Here is all the products I which I will list during the… instructions and here is the picture of Tomomi’s eyes that are the inspiration. I love Tomomi so much… so is so adorable.


Do your skin as you usually would. I can’t do face makeup tutorial because I am useless at it it seems. I kind of contoured my face for a better jaw line. I used Rimmel London bronzer I also used my Cosmagic sweet deco blush in strawberry because otherwise I look a bit dead without it. I usually just conceal spots and eye bags and then Candy Doll powder.


I am using Geo one tone brown lenses. For this tutorial I will not be using my usual eyelid tape because Tomomi have quite small eyelids and I am trying to recreate it. Using Dolly Wink eyeshadow in Brown, use the gold colour all over your lid and kind of blend it so there are no harsh lines. Use the pale colour for the inner corners of your eyes. This will make your eyes look brighter and bigger and that is what Tomomi has in her picture. I also use the brown colour as eyeliner to make your eyes look bigger and more defined and its more natural than black eyeliner.


Using Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner, make a thin line and wing it out at the edge of your eyes. Also do the inner corners of your eyes.


Curl your eyelashes and I used three coats of Dolly Wink volume mascara. I used three coats because I have no eyelashes –_-

Aaaand your done :D


  DSCF6149 DSCF6151

This is not a picture of the end result btw –_-

May Kay ♥

Monday, 12 December 2011

GEO One Tone Brown lens review ♥


Woah how long has it been since I made a lens review? Ages it seems ><’


Base Curve: 8.6

Diameter: 14.0mm

Water Content: 42%

Lens Type: 1 year disposable

Manufacturer: GEO Medical


DSCF6103 DSCF6011

With and without lenses. As you can tell they look like my natural eyes but slightly more defines. Both I think with flash on.




I bought them because I loved the natural kind of style lenses because at the time I was very influenced by AKB48 and they all seemed to have a similar pair. I love the way it is a natural brown ring which kind of blends into my eye colour witch enlarges my eye a bit and still looks natural! I like how because it looks like my real eyes, I am eventually getting more and more ok with myself without lenses. Downside is that I find them too natural because I am used to obvious ones.




They are very comfortable to put in (probably because I wore my old lenses which were uncomfy) but they do get very drying. Even more drying that my usual 14.5mm lenses and more similar to 14.8mm or something which I find strange as they are only 14mm. Always carry a bottle of contact lens eyedrops if you use them. I usually have them in for about 8 hours – bad habit I know. It also find it strange that it dries out my eyes much much because they have quite a high water content. =/



I think these lenses are very good value for money seeming as I only paid £11 (including shipping) so I give these lenses 8.7/10!


Haha pardon my dressing gown – for those in the UK – you know how cold it gets. I also dyed my hair green and red for Christmas! It kind of turned out turquoise and pin –_-


I Want Cute

I found that I Want Cute were a perfect site! Not only were they cheap, they had super fast shipping (because they are from the UK) but they also sent a free gift (a mask thing – you can choose your own at the checkout) and lens case. I don’t really know about the contacting time because I never tried to contact them but my parcel arrived about 3 days later?

Get a pair here!


They send a cute sticker witch I thought I would show ^^


May Kay ♥