Monday, 31 October 2011

Milky Bunny outfit ♥

Two posts in two days. WOOOW :D

Here is a picture of my recently died hair. No more rooots :D


Also here is a picture of the syringe thing that I said I would post in my previous post



Aaaaanyway I have been uber busy and I have probably shown you guys the Milky Bunny outfit I made from scratch but I will show it to you again. It is also my second halloween costume. This year’s halloween (on the day) was the worst yet.


On my mannequin it looks a bit weird.


What it looks like on. Excuse my… horrible ness but my camera was running out of charge ><




Have a happy halloween!

May Kay ♥

Sunday, 30 October 2011

Things and such ♥

Sorry for being a bad blogger :( I was on holiday and… things which I won’t post. Anyway I will put up some pictures of things. I also dyed my hair black on top and pink underneath. I will put up a picture soon :D

Halloween tomorrow! I shall be attending the tumblr halloween party. Also I am going to a tumblr meetup in November… Corey says I am sad.

Here is my tumblr :D


Pictures of me and Ola at my boyfriend’s halloween party. We were gory nurses. I had a syringe through my ear but I forgot to upload a picture. In my opinion it looked quite cool.

I deleted my favourite picture D: Shame because Ola’s comment to that was ‘Dat cleavage’

Ola is a hot mess



I also had a holiday in Wales with my mum, nan, grandad and my beautiful sister. It was so cold D: Its good that we are similar sizes because we share all our clothes.

I know these are all stupid pictures. Me and my sister just don’t take serious pictures. Lmao we have the same weird personality >< I wish I was as naturally pretty as her



May Kay ♥

Thursday, 20 October 2011

Quick post ♥

Went out to town. Camwhored. Went to get my retainer and also met up with friends / boyfriend! Yes I finally got my braces off! I have perfectly strait teeth :3



Kyary inspired photo ><


Outfit for today:

Hoodie: Lonsdale

Necklace: Some Lolita shop I don’t remember

Dress: Liz Lisa

Shoes: Made myself



The coat that I ordered!

Here is the promo pick. Its just a shame that my head is too big for the hood lmao. It makes me look like a wag

May Kay ♥

Monday, 17 October 2011

This weekend … ♥

New blog layout :D Some things and stuff :B Quick post


Made some claw slippers

DSCF5690 DSCF5687

Me and my joker nails :3

J DSCF5685 DSCF5684 DSCF5683 DSCF5682 DSCF5681

Milky Bunny cosplay finally finished!


Petticoat arrived! Its so so poofy!


DSCF5679 DSCF5678 DSCF5677

Found this baby at the back of my wardrobe. Its Woolworths D: I miss that shop… lmao I am surprised and quite happy that 11-13 years still fits me.

 DSCF5675 DSCF5686DSCF5674 DSCF5673 DSCF5672 DSCF5670

Halloween a fied my room! Also made some kind of rack thing


May Kay ♥

Sunday, 16 October 2011

Proff photoshoot ♥

Me and some friends had some kind of proffesional photoshoot thing for Shannon’s birthday. This was in July time so it is really postponed. I look horrible in them because since June, I seem to have really changed. Also it didn’t help from having a slight hangover. Guilty as charged. This is just a small post but I needed to do it for a while :) Also I didn’t post this because we never got the pictures yet. They also done a cosplay shoot but I didn't because I don’t have any Kuroshitsuji cosplay things.


Here is what I looked like. Yes I had my Dolly Wink mascara and Candy Doll stuff in my hand for some reason. Abbie used hell loads of my lipstick D: I liked them nails :3


No you will not see my muscley calves. I have changed in shape as well since the photoshoot thank god.


I had to remove the water make because it will be a bit obvious were I lived if I kept it on. Noone stalk me bitch :P I will only put up one because the other two I look worst in.


May Kay ♥

Friday, 14 October 2011

Harajuku spam ♥

People have been commenting and asking what my Harajuku style is like. I will do a quick spam to show you some examples and my inspirations. My love for Tsu-chan still live on though! But a new HUGE inspiration for me is Kyary Pamyu Pamyu! Another is blogger Moco!

I ordered these hair bands :)


May Kay ♥