Friday, 22 July 2011

Gyaru Improvement over the year ♥

Its been a year of Gal!

Improvement over the year:
- Hair (length, colour, style fuller fringe)
- Makeup (lashes)
- Lenses
- Eyelids
- Clothing
- Nails

What I want to improve on the next year:
- Style
- Hair (colour)
-Makeup (finding lashes that suit my eyeshape)

May Kay ♥


  1. Ah! You have improved so much!
    I am only just starting Gyaru and well, I haven't taken my 'first attempt' photograph yet, soon! (gaining confidence) ♥
    I hope I improve as much as you do over a year! :3

    -Issy xox

  2. Hi, my name is Micaela and I'm from Argentina and I've been reading your blog for a month or so, and I saw the prices you've mentioned for fake nails and I thik it's too much!. I do nail art and I'd like to give you some sets of nails (decorated as you want), because I just love seeing your 'gyaru improvment' :)
    Sorry if i misspelled something but I don not speak english really, I just do what I can lol. If you want them contact me via email ( or Facebook (Blind Eye) because I don't use my blog anymore :P