Thursday, 24 February 2011

How to become Gal is currently underconstruction ♥

Hence the unmatching background. It should be like this until Tuesday at the latest. I will be posting as normal.

May Kay ♥

Wedding outfit ♥

I have been invited to a wedding :D I'm just doing a quick post on what dress I should get!
Please comment below. (baring in mind if will be in summer)

in brown

in pink

in light pink or bright pink

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Sunday, 20 February 2011

Tsubasa current collaborations ♥

I am currently making a new layout. The theme is a surprise :P
Also, I finally found my camera so I will post some long awaiting reviews next week. Expect many posts
Another post about Tsu-chan, shes just too cute for words.

Dolly Wink

Dolly wink is made with Koji and is very popular, especially the lashes. The current product line includes top and bottom fake eyelashes, long and volume mascara, pencil and liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow.

Candy Doll
Candy Doll is Tsubasa's first makeup line and it has recently get more famous. It is constantly featured in magazines such as Ageha, Popteen and Egg. Their products are reliantly good quality but expensive to ship. The cureent product line includes Blush, lipgloss, lip concealer, lip stick, highlighters, mineral powders and a limited edition brush.
Coming soon, concealer and foundation. You can see behind the scenes photoshoot pictures here.
Quite strange, I actually had a cream about Candy Doll blush in Orange 0.0
Website here:

Uno et L'etoile

Uno et L'etoile is a collection of wedding dresses designed by Uno Kanda.(ex model)
Uno et L'etoile is roughly translated from French to 'Uno and the Stars'

This is very recent. She models for Kyocera - a Japanese mobile phone brand. If you look at the website, you will see that she dressed up as a new person for every different phone, presumably the target audience.

This is an old collab but I thought it deserved a mention ^_^ Palty is a hair dye brand by Dariya. There are so many colours to choose from!

Both Tsubasa and Naoki model for EDWIN in a sub-brand called 'Umetsuba' (both their names mixed up). 

Tsubasa kimono styling
She designs her own kimonos. (Couldn't find much)

Tsubasa Kids kimono styling
I wanta family like this! I am aware that the kids aren't her real kids XD
She also designs children Kimonos - what doesn't she do?

Angel Colour
If you have ever wondered what circle lenses she wears, it is Angel Colour's Bambi Series. It feautures 4 lens colours: Apple Green, Sesame Gray, Chocolate Brown and Almond. They only last for three months and the are 14.2mm diametre because she said 'she doesn't like them too big' (Lol thats what she said :D)

Tsubasa x KITAMURA

Not many people have heard of this XD. Kitamura is a brand which sells photoframes, cards etc.

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Saturday, 19 February 2011

Style inspiration 4: Kurumi Hanji ♥

I am starting to make a Tumblr. I will post the link when it is made. Please bear with me :)
Gugu is probabally my favourite model ^_^
Name : Kurumi Hanji
Birthday : 20/6/1991
Horoscope :
Model for : Popteen
Hometown :
Height :156cm
Weight : Unknown

Bloodtype : Unknown

You can't deny, she is gorgeous.

She is know for :
  • Her unique style two tone hair
  • Pink lips and cheek
  • Big eyelashes (probably Jewerich no 00.2)

Powerpuff girls ^_^

I couldn't find much about her XD

She has quite an Ame-Kaji style.

Gal pic spam!



Nana Suzuki

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Thursday, 17 February 2011

Anime / Manga ♥

I la-la-love manga :D It is one of the only things I read! Here is a list of my recommendations and what I have read / reading. I am going to a convention this year in London - I am going as (I don't know who yet) someone from To Heart. (if you want to find where so we can meet up, please email me :)) Also I am going to this even where me and my friend are cosplaying Chihiro and No Face from Spirited Away. Its a great film. Watch it.  What is your opinion on Yaoi / Yuri / Hentai. Personally, I think that (non extreme) yaoi is quite cute ^_^

Bra Girls

It has quite a... individual story line. (You'll understand if you read it) I would recommend this for anyone who has a sense of humour.
FIY, I'm not lesbian, or bisexual. The cover is just misleading.

Death Note

This is really cliché but I am in LOVE with L. It is also a great storyline and annoyingly addictive. It is about a boy, Light Yagami (read is surname backwards XD) and he finds a 'Death Note' which is a book that when you write down their name, case of death etc, they die.
I would recommend this for anyone who likes supernatural or mystery.

Super Gals

I love the anime but the manga does drag on a bit and I am very impatient. It is about a group of friends (who call themselves Gals) living in Shibuya, and their day to day life about school, boys, parents, fashion etc. I would recommend this to anyone who likes Shoujo (for girls ages 10 - 18), school life and romance.

Junjou Romantica

Yaoi. I prefer watching it as it isn't as extreme and graphic. Please don't spam comments about how it is disgusting. It is about a (guy) student of 18, who falls for his older brothers firend (also a guy).
I would recommend this for anyone who lives Yaoi or Shounen Ai (Boys Love)

Absolute Boyfriend

My favourite manga. It is about a girl who orders a mechanic boyfriend. I cried so damn much in the end. It is a really good storyline and not too much to read. Absolute Boyfriend is quite popular which is good so I can get some from Waterstones.
It also shows that if you want a guy so perfect, you have to buy him (I'm joking)
I would recommend this to anyone who likes romances.

Ouran Highschool

Just started reading. It is really good so far. 
It is about boys that set up a 'Host Club'
Good for someone that likes Shoujo.

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Monday, 14 February 2011

This fortnights nails! ♥

Happy Valentines day!
Has anyone tried dried Longgan? They're so good ^3^
I never usually wear fake nails because my hands are tiny, so my nails are too small for all the nails. So I had to file the sides XD Also my nails can grow quite long (people ask if they are fake a lot) But I got sick of growing them and faked it :)

Left hand (pinkie to thumb)
Pastel pink, pastel pink strawberry with diamanté, glitter pink, red strawberry with diamanté, I ♥ *picture of strawberry (Lots of detail on that :D)

Right hand (again, pinkie to thumb)
White with silver heart, pastel pink strawberry with diamanté, (different shade) pastel pink with hole in the nail and a bell (I jingle when I type), pink glitter, pastel pink.

Some non-Gal pictures!

Gal pictures! (I should really make a Tumblr)


Chinatsu Wakatsuki


Other / Unknown

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Friday, 11 February 2011

Shibuhara (渋原) / Harashibu (原渋) ♥

Harashibu is the way Egg mag calls it.
Shibuhara (not to be mistaken for Shibuhara, a programme on MTV which I have never watched)  is what Popsister describes as 'taking the good parts from Harajuku (fairy kei, decora etc) and Shibuya (Gal)' A lot like Pastelly Amekaji! A lot of cartoons (e.g. Hello Kitty, Snoopy), pastel colours and pastel patterns.

Akaharu あかはる (model for Buzz Spunky) 

A main one is Popsister, their looks kind of revolves around the style. 

  • W♥C
  • Pink Latte
  • Honey's
  • SBY
  • Tralala
  • Candy Stripper
  • JSG
  • Milkfed

Hair + Makeup
Casual Gal is only used, no Harajuku style.

Slogan, nerdy, stripes, layered tees, oversized hoodies or flowy shirt dresses.

Frill skirt, distressed denim or loose hot pants

Hi-tops or trainers mainly. Uggs are also used.

Pastel nerd glasses, knitted pompom hats, mis-matching tights, slouchy socks, knee socks, scrunchies, Geeky bags

Gal spam!

Gyaru / Gyaru-o

Chinatsu Wakatsuki


Nana Suzuki

Ayumi Hamasaki

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