Sunday, 31 July 2011

Gyaru Maniofest Meme (New ver) ♥

Name: May kay 
Location: UK
Occupation: Student
Height: 155cm
Weight: Ultimate secret

First discovery of gyaru:
I used to be into Ulzzang, I googled Ulzzang into images and found an issue of Ageha.
I found it around March of 2010

Your gyaru style:
As Egg magazine describes... 'cosplay gal' Its like, shibuya with a bit of harajuku. It is pretty self - explanatory

Top gyaru model inspiration:
Tsubasa Masuwaka
Saito Mirai
Shina Hikari
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu (Even though she is not gyaru)

Top 4 gyaru non-model inspiration:
Street snaps
Cute Girls of Town
Japanese Bloggers

Top 3 favorite gyaru magazines:
Egg Magazine
Girly Gal

Top 6 gyaru brands you like best:

Top 3 fave coordinates:

Top 10 gyaru fashion goals:
Weight loss
More followers
Style improvement
Gyaru friends
Gyaruo - so hot
Join a circle
Attend a meet
Go to Japan - one day!
Get correct hair
Get paler!

Top 5 gyaru achievements:
Becoming an OK gyaru
Getting makeup right
Brand clothes and makeup
This blog

May Kay ♥

Party Pants! ♥

I won't blog much about the day because some may be... unsuitable? Oh dear. You can see pictures on my facebook page. Ask for it on the comments and I will get back to you :) Its just that I don't want people to know my surname.

I started off like this. I kind of went as a Ulzang look?

This is how I ended up looking like. I got sick of eyelid tape so I took it out

DAT ASS. Ola had balloons XD

And then people got out of hand later >< I didn't take many pictures. I forgot ><

May Kay ♥

Thursday, 28 July 2011

The Gyaru Challenge - Agejo ♥

Ola suggested we both try Agejo!
She also wants to try Gyaru to see if she suits it. I think she looks adorable ♥

Here was our look
Yeah I had a coat on. Fail :L

Me and Ola both did her hair! 
She borrowed my bottom eyelashes - then I lost them v.v
Face / front hair



And thats when it all went wrong :O
 Ola let herself go. LOL JKs Camera angle :L

My poor bear 


Like my eyelids? :L

May Kay ♥

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

How to survive Gyaru ♥

In my year and a bit of Gyaru, I have noticed a few problems...

People thinking:
- You are trying to be Japanese
- If you white, people thinking you are trying to be Asian
- If you are Asian, people think you are trying to be white
- People thinking you want to be an anime character (I got told I want to be a anime porn star. LOL TENTACLE PORN)

Scary / perverted men on Facebook
I know I am generalizing... but most of them to be were Asian... They tell me to come and visit them :( Some of them are quite sweet though... they tell me how pretty they think I am ^^ usually I just don't accept the because they scare me.

Being forever alone
Because the Gyaru comm is quite small in the UK, there are no Gyaruos (which are kind of my type... they are HAWT) and there are not may guys that like the Gyaru look.


May Kay ♥

Gyaru Challenge - Mode x Popteen ♥

Please suggest other styles to try out
Bloomzy suggested Mode (Popteen) gyaru. Think Marimo.
I found it really hard. I have nothing mode. Everything in the picture is either my sisters or my mums >< No outfit shot because I could only handle the top half =/

I don't really like Mode. Its too boring and serious for me. It also doesn't suit my personality

May Kay ♥

Monday, 25 July 2011

Full Moon review ♥

Just a quick review for Full Moon
I ordered my egg magazine from Full Moon:

fast shipping
free gift!
good product
good contact


May Kay ♥

A bit of everything ♥

I am currently working on a new layout!

Here are my nails for this week

Here is my cat costume I said I would show you guys! There is a tail, you just can't see it It kind of accidentally looks like a fetish outfit.
weird stances hide my chubbyness

I changed my room slightly. AKBBBBBB!!!!!! Here:

I didn't want my bun thing to get dirty so I did this:

May Kay ♥

Lolita vs Gyaru ♥

I will try to blog everyday or every other day. Summer holidays now and I seem to be getting so so so many followers!

First of all, I don't hate Lolitas. I am kind of not sure about Lolitas because they seem to hate Gyaru. I like Lolita  (the style) though.
To be honest, I am not quite sure why Gyaru and Lolita seem to hate each other, I don't know about you, but I hate whoever hates me :3 Again, I don't hate Lolitas :L

to add to this, that is Ganguro which is hardly seen nowadays and Gyaru is mainly in Shibuya :)

This was posted in Gyaru secrets this week and last week
I don't see why we can't all get along :) One of my closest friend is a Lolita in the making and we get on perfectly fine.
My take on Lolita:

weird stance and expression

this is a really old dress ><


May Kay ♥

Saturday, 23 July 2011

Hyper Japan ♥

A blog about Hyper Japan. So many took my picture! I felt like a model >< I had to take lolita snapshots for my course work.

This guy went past me and said 'errrgh more Japanese people' 1) I am not Japanese, I am proud of my half chinese heritage, and 2) You come to a Japanese convention and expect to see white people...

My look of the day
My nails - I done myself. Someone asked what salon I went to!

Barry M foundation
Garnier eye roll on
Candy Doll powder
Cosmagic highlight
Rimmel bronzing powder to contour

Dolly Wink 02, 06, volume mascara, brown eyeshadow, eyeliner
N07 eyebrow pencil
Palty eyebrow mascara

Candy Doll lipstick
Candy Doll lipgloss

I went in a yukata! Yukata by Sweet Angel

Camera whoreing on the train. My friend Hannah was Grell from Black Butler

Herp Derp faces.

Camera whoreing outside the event. Here is Ola (middle one's blog)

BBTSSB dress

Her outfit was so cute!

Lolita fashion show

 they kind of hosted it. All I remember is that they gothicy one was called Pheobe.

 Brolia / Kadona
She looked really miserable throughout it. 

My friend is the Shiro lolita on the left 

There was a maid cafe. They done a dance but being only 155cm, I was swamped by people. 

KAAAAANOOOONNNN. She sings like an angel. You can tell no auto tune is used in her songs. She was actually quite serious and scary :L She started talking in a cute little accent and no one could really hear what she was saying - she was so quiet!

I met blogger Georgie

Now for my buys
AKB48 box of poster and a folder

 KERA and Hana-Chu with a free Pink Latte makeup bag!

Cupcake necklace, deco stickers and Cake thing that I will but on my phone

Kiiroitori! My new sleeping compainion. Modelled by my sister :P

May Kay ♥