Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Tanning - why I don't want ♥

'It's winter right now in the land down under & I'm afraid to actually tan (when it heats up here) cos' umm, believe it or not but a lot of Vietnamese & Chinese girls that tan here don't get a pretty golden tan -despite us being yellow toned- instead it looks like what I call a farmers tan.'  Cindy Tang

Sums it up in one... paragraph. I have a bad bad obsession with tanning. DO NOT WANT. I tan so easily 0.0 if I stay in the sun for three hours-ish, I go from 01 to 03. :( People think I am lucky for that.

I don't like tanning because:
- I go 'farmer orange'
- Generally, Asian prefer light skin because it shows wealth
- I don't want to age a lot from sun
- I don't suit a tan
- Skin cancer

I know its a really bad obsession ><
I want to go:

but I go:

What I do to keep my pale-ish skin:
- Whitening mask twice a week
- Suncream 50+ every day
- KEEP OUT OF THE SUN. I use parasols and I walk different routes to avoid the sun

May Kay ♥


  1. Haha I don't like getting tan either, I just look really strange ^^;
    I'm glad I'm not the only one! Everyone in California is soaking up the sun and I'm running away! Haha

  2. here in my country,most of people have naturally tan skin..i'm also tan but a bit fair but still tan..hehe..
    i also don't like tanner like the fake pic you post up..err...its too tan..haha..
    to think about it..its like reverts when the people here wants a fair skin but the europeans wants the tanner skin..

  3. I look orange too when I get a tan :(

  4. I run away from the sun too XD I'm terrified of premature wrinkles but sometimes I have massive urges to be tan.
    I tan pretty easily though being half Turkish.

    oooh parasols :D can you recommend any places that sell cute ones? Also, I'm majorly jealous of your extensive Candy Doll/Dolly Wink collection ~