Monday, 26 September 2011

Everyday I’m tumblr-ing!

For those of you who don’t know, here is my tumblr

My blog seems to be getting less and less popular the more I blog. Maybe I should just shut up while I am at it? XD Follow me on tumblr bebeh!

Here are pictures of me that I forgot about to make this post seem less boring ♥



May Kay ♥

Saturday, 24 September 2011

My style – Cosplay Gyaru ♥

I wanted to do a post outlining my personal style! My personal style is Cosplay Gyaru! It is was kind of something I made up (yes I make up styles – lol problem?) until I found out in Egg August that it was already a style XD At the moment I am really into manga. Turning Otaku! D: I can never really find many cosplay Gyarus. Its very very rare. Usually the outfits that I find inspiring are ones that aren’t Gyaru.

Maybe it should also be defined as ShibuHara? ShibuHara is ‘the best of Shibuya and Harajuku mixed up’ but ShibuHara style is usually a bit… fairy kei influences… hmm… I would say its half that?



The style:

The style is basically what it says ‘cosplay gyaru’. So basically Gyaru with cosplay influences. Such as animal ears, tails, cosplaying slightly… whutever. It can also have Lolita, Fairy Kei, Decora, Kogal, gothic etc influences!

Pieces include(I won’t do key pieces because there aren’t really any):

  • Fox tails (preferably fake :D)
  • Animal ears (cat, bear, rabbits etc)
  • Tops with… cosplaying influences… idk I am rubbish at explaining. I think the pictures should help. Something like the top underneath. I have it and its one of my favourites ^^
  • Kigurumis
  • Sometimes actually cosplaying… so maids outfits etc. Mine is coming in the mail – so excited!
  • Lolita style dresses.



The hair and makeup is the same as the normal Gyaru… sometimes it has more colours in them.

The nails are again the same as normal Gyaru nails but a bit more flamboyant… so like bright colours, short – medium – long length… whutever.



Inspirations and brands:

There are two big cosplay gyaru inspirations. They are:

Hikari Shina

of Popteen magazine and

Kyaru Pamyu Pamyu

of KERA magazine. Usually I wouldn’t say she was Gyaru but at the moment I am just talking about the style.


Cute! Girls of town

Other inspiration in the magazine KERA

Brands include W♥C but thats one of the only ones I can find. Usually its small boutiques / shops that I find the best stuff… or I make it myself usually!

May Kay ♥

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Gothic / Gyaru style! ♥

I have been really into the Gothic Gyaru style lately! *cough cough* influence by my boyfriend *cough cough*

Also sorry Ola for breaking your iPod XD

The style:

The style is Gyaru with a Gotjic twist. It isn’t too popular in both Western countries and Japan but you do sometimes get them.

Key pieces include:

  • Leather jacket
  • Studs
  • Skulls
  • Lace
  • Anything black!



The hair can be any colour from the normal Japanese black, white blonde, different colours and light brown! It is usually strait and can be backcombed.

The makeup is very natural Gyaru look, (less eyelashes) and with a hell of a lot more black eyeliner! Skin is nearly always pale white and with nude / dark lips and no blush to look more gothic.

Nails are usually black / red / white / purple combination with gothicy motifs, such as skulls and crosses. They can also be uber short.


Inspirations and brands:

The biggest inspiration to the Gothic Gyaru style is Non-chan! She is an Egg magazine model and is the full time Gothic Gyaru. Here is her blog: Her full name is Nonoka Iwata, she is 154cm (same height as me!) and 43kgs and she is just 18!



Another big style inspiration is Rina Sakurai! Her style is quite Gothicy Agejo Gyaru.


Another inspiration is street snaps!


The favourite brand is TutuHa! Shame they don’t have a website…


May Kay ♥

Sunday, 18 September 2011

Things and such ♥

Wen out with my boyfriend ♥  This is what I looked like >< I bought the hat from… Primark? I wanted an ear hat for ages! The awkward moment when you come home and realised how horrible you look from the back.


I like my hair in this picture

Afterwards, I went to lazer quest with Ola and a bunch of other friends so be ready for the car journey derp pictures!






My blood kind of nails. Yes my thumb does say ‘LOL’ on it :3


I made this… bra. Why not?


May Kay ♥

Tokyo Girls Collection Autumn / Winter 2011 ♥

Here are the TGC Highlights / this season’s trends :)

Brands in the fashion show: Aquagirl, On The Street, Beams, Bonica Dot, Cecil McBee, Honey Mi Honey
Labyrinth, Lovedrose&Co., Murua, Onespo, Ozoc, Urban Research, Vence Exchange, (the following were on the special stage) American Apparel, H&M, Beauty Bat, Keita Maruyama, (the following were on the high light stage) Riandture, Serene Debt,

Models: Mayuko Arisue, Mikako Ishii, Emiri, Elena, Seira Kagami, Leyna Kagami, Karina,
Midori Kuzuoka, Nozomi Sasaki, SaraMary, Nemi Sumiya, Anna Tsuchiya, Reina Triendl,
Nanao, Nanami, Maki Nishiyama, Anna Nose, Maggy, Miyu, Yu Yamada, Ema Rikumori, Chikako Watanabe,
  and others (in order of Japanese alphabet)


Some upcoming Autumn / Winter trends!

Coloured tights!

Pleated skirt!

Retro dolly!

Loose blouse and skirt!

Star print (abs adore!)!

By DoubleFocus. Very cute and casual!


Man-ish elements!

By Vence Exchange. Man-ish style is masculine. It invovles key peices such as hats, must have trousers and a masculine top. Personally, I really do not like man-ish style. I think I am the only girl in the world that refuses to wear trousers / jeans. Nowadays, I seem to be very very girly girl.


Crochet / poncho!

Bring in Popteen last year.


Aaaand the usual plaid, leopard, fur…!

By OneSpo. I think this is taking the fur trend a bit too far haha. Good for catwalk, not for everyday. To be fair, I do have quite an eccentric style so I probably would wear it out depending on how it looked on me :)


I would like to share with you my favourite outfits!

















May Kay ♥

Sunday, 11 September 2011

Sorry sorry sorry… ♥

Sorry for not posting for god knows how long. I only usually post when I get upset etc so I guess the fact that I don’t blog is a good sign.

Just a quick post to show Tsu-chan with Stripes gum. Beware, the tune will get in your head.

May Kay ♥

Sunday, 4 September 2011

New hair ♥

Its quite similar, but its slightly darker, block fringe and has blonde underneath.

My ‘bondage ears’ as Ola calls it. I bought them with my boyfriend :3 Not forever alone :D My dad also found out about my lenses and everything went better than expected :)


May Kay ♥