Monday, 24 January 2011

Weight loss tips ♥

After Christmas, many have decided to lose weight as a resolution. So here is a post on how to keep it up ^__^ My personal way I lose weight!
Please don't tell me some of the tips are unhealthy

As far as I can remember, I have been larger,I remember dieting when I was about 9. Not hugely big but around BMi of 27? In Secondary school I got minor depression but I started binge eating when I got home from school, as no one would be in. I would eat:
4 squares of white chocolate 100kcal
4 squares of milk chocolat 100kcal
Cake bar 150kcal
Crisps 150kcal
Yogurt 200kcal
Around 700kcal! After a few months, I stopped and started dieting. I have lost around 30lbs and I am now in the healthy category but I am still not happy with my body. I have quite a lot of muscle.
I do not regret binge eating as it was a learning experience.
Personally, I hate my body. There is fat where I don't want it and muscle were I don't want it.

I do DDR everyday. (Time depends on how many calories I consumed) And I do (at least) 250 sit ups (burns 100kcal) to build muscle there, getting a flatter tummy. This does work.

'Temp' Gastric band (What I like to call it '^_^)
Wile eating a meal, I usually wear an apron and tie it tightly so it feels like I'm fuller than I actually am.

I eat mainly Chinese food. Not like stuff from the takeaway, so I eat generally quite healthy. I do intend to become veggie soon though.

I drink water in pints as it burns around 25kcal. I drink about 8+ pints a day.

Sorry for so much writing, but now for some GAL pictures!


Saeko Chiba

Kumiko Funayama

May Kay ♥

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  1. Nice post! I have crazy abs after doing up to 500 situps a day for a while. Sadly they don't show as much.. I didn't lose enough weight on my tummy for them to show that well. >_<"