Monday, 3 January 2011

Some of what I got for Chistmas + New Years resolutions ♥

Please note : I am not boasting. This is just a post ^__^
Sorry no pictures of the real items. My camera has gone somewhere and I have to use other picture taking appliances which take ages 0.0
This isn't all of the gifts ^_^
Oh and I my lenses and Popteen arrived. I will do some scans hopefully.
I ordered a FAUX fox tail. I am very against real fur. Yes I do eat meat, but not for long! :)
I may not post as often because hopefully I will open a small shop on etsy. I haven't decided on anything so I can't tell you the URL yet. Also my internet is screwing up so blogger rarely saves.
Every post from now on I will add a few GAL pictures instead of doing one big post.
I have decided on what style I want to have. Kind of Liz Lisa, floral, pink/brown style. Inspired by the Liz Lisa staff ^_^
* = I will do a review / post/ tutorial

Cosmagic Deco sweet cheek in Strawberry Pink*
It was a lot smaller than I thought 0.0

Candy Doll lipgloss in Macaroon Pink *
I bought it from The lipgloss is much brighter in real life.

Tralala top
Sososo good quality! I wore it when I met Gok Wan ♥

W♥C top (Christmas buy)
From No one sleeps in Tokyo (I bought it from her) She is such a sweetie!

Liz Lisa zip top  (Pink)
Bought from kumimakikogal. IT IS A FAKE. I ordered a real one and a fake one arrived. WTF. I tried contacting them but they just removed my comment.

Babyliss rollers *

Hello Kitty lamp

Hello Kitty perfume

Girly Gal's beauty *
Just like in my profile picture ^_^

Chococat + clothes and Hello Kitty keyring from Build A Bear Workshop

New years resolutions :)
  • Become 90lbs (I have already lost quite a bit of weight. I'm not going to say how much I am right now but I used to be 160lbs. I'm mostle muscle, DDR builds up calf muscle :( )
  • Become a better gal.
  • Become a nicer person
  • Blog more
  • Work harder at school
  • Save money for SBY
  • Last, learn Japanese

Now for some GAL stuff:

Chie and Chika

Kumiky (in Popteen her name is Kumitsukie?)

Tsubasa Masuwaka




May Kay ♥


  1. Ooo love your make up items!
    and you snagged Lucies top! Hehe I wasnt sure if it was still for sale

    Youll have to show how those curlers work out :D

  2. so sad to hear abour ur indecent of liz liza stuff
    i also liz liza fan