Thursday, 27 January 2011

Gal Meme ♥

1. Describe your style as a gal.
Mori Gal with lots more pink ^_^
2. Which models inspire you to get dressed?
Yui Kanno
3. What are the brands are you wearing lately?
Liz Lisa and Tralala. I am also quite a fan of W♥C
4. What was your first Gal item?
Probably my Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner.
6. What do you wear most often?
Makeup lawl ^_^ Or circle lenses
7. I like getting …?
Presents ^_^
8. When did you first find Gal?
I think it was when I was into Ulzzang and someone recommended Popteen
9. What gal rules have you broken?
I don't wear lashes everyday because of school
I don't wear heels too often
10. What would you never wear?
Tan >.< nooooo....
11. What do you think is essential for a good look?
Circle lenses.
12. How do you feel when viewed as a gyaru?
Pleased because it takes lots of time, money and effort :)
13. You have many friends that are gals?
None. Their into other stuff.
14. What is the next thing you plan to buy desperately need?
Faux fur leg warmers
15. What’s your favouite accessory?
Faux fox tail
16. Sexy, monotone or elegant?
Elegant ^_^ I don't suit 'sexy' and 'monotone' is too boring.
17. Would you wear clothes that aren’t in fashion? 
Probably XD I keep most of my clothes
18. What is your current obsession?
Faux fur. And nails.
19. Do you like to spread gal fashion? How do you do it?
Blogging. S
20. What advice would you give to someone starting out?
Must must must read magazines!

Now for some Gal pictures!
Suzuki Nana

Suzuki Aya

Kumiky Funayama

Rina Sakurai


May Kay ♥


  1. Omg I'm SOOO into the whole foxtail thing as well : D They're adorable! I found mine on eBay for 9 bucks with free shipping. They're out of style in my country, so they're not easy to get. I made sure that it was faux fur tho.. Don't wanna walk around stalked by a dead fox ghost whose missing tail is attached to my shorts. lol

  2. Very cute post♥
    Haha love the gal spam pictures!