Thursday, 13 January 2011

Tsubasa Masuwaka x Naoki Umeda ♥

As you guys know, I love them two ^_^ so here are just some pictures of them together. Them two are the cutest thing I have ever seen o.o
I also ordered February Popteen! I'm getting lazy on scans u_u

In Popsister January.

Popsister December

Tsubasa, Naoki and their son!

Puri Kura ♥

Matching outfits.

On a side note, more S Leg! Personally, I am terrified of Chesire Cat

Now for some Gal pictures!

Rui Kotobuki

Misaki Izuoka

Chinatsu Wakatsuki


May Kay ♥


  1. Tsubasa is SO pretty >_>" damnnn her and the other Japanese models!