Monday, 24 January 2011

May Kay's Inspiration ♥

My personal style inspiration. My style is what Mitsu called 'Mori Gal' which is basically a mixture of Mori (what a girl living in the forest would dress like) and Gal.Think Liz Lisa shop staff and this Popteen style. I have been into all sorts of styles previously : Scene, emo, decora, lolita XD One thing, the reason why I keep myself anonymous is because of stalkers, piers finding my blog (it's a bit embarrassing XD) and because of Gyaru Secrets.
I realised there is a lot of 'name dropping' in this post. I swear I'm doing this on purpose XD

First up : Tsubasa Masuwaka (yes I know, very cliche)
I like her (other than the fact that she is gorgeous) she is living my dream life. She is an inspirational business woman, model, has an adorable husband and son. She also has lost a lot of weight both before modelling and after child birth. I will always look up to her as a role model. I sowana be the next Tsu-chan!

Saeko Chiba
According to 'OhYeahGyaru' shes a Popteen model but I haven't really noticed here there. I love her purple hair (none in these pictures but there are some in previous posts) and I have no idea why she isn't more famous. Shes gorgeous.

Nana Suzuki
I love her eyes and is it just me or does she resemble Meshelle a bit? Or is it just me? I love her Ame-Kaji style, but personally I don't think I am outgoing enough to pull off the style. Also I love florally things ^__^

My non-model inspirations include:

I love her style and I love her Dream Boutique. She is also uber cute.

Her blog is one of the things that got me into Gal! I love her makeup tutorials and her blog.

She is absolutly gorgeous 0.0 She has huge eyes and she even looks good without makeup/lenses. I look her LookBook.

There are so many other inspirations! insp includes most people I follow on blogger!

On a side note, the SBY109 decomo phone. I want! Jap phones don't work in the UK though v_v

May Kay ♥


  1. Love the pics! :D

    and agh, I still want the phone even if it wont work here haha

  2. MayKay it's a true honor to be featured in your post haha especially with Vivian and Maguro! Love them both, hmmm Tsubasa's my inspiration as well well besides the fact she had so much plastic surgery done she's still my favorite too!