Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Style inspiration 3: Okaire Matsuoka ♥

Another style inspiration post! I'm so sorry not to post the reviews. :(
Sorry for not posting for ages. 
I was going to do a Suzuki Nana post but I couldn't find any info about her =/
I couldn't find much about Okarie either =/

Name : Okaire / Rie Matsuoka / え 

Birthday : Unknown

Horoscope : Unknown
Model for : Popteen, Ank Rouge and Girly Gal's beauty

Hometown :
Height : 165cm (Dayum tall for a Popteen model 0.0)
Weight : 42.5 kg
Bloodtype : 
Website : Unknown

She is famous for her short hair and big dolly eyes

She is the director of Ank Rouge

She has modelled for both Girly Gal's beauty (I WANT THEM DAMN SHOES)

Eventually replacing Kumiko (also with Mizukitty, she has so much competition!)

(Adorable coat :D)

And now for some Gal pictures!
Rina Sakurai

Sakeo Chiba
Huge image! She is GORGEOUS

Kumiko Funayama
old school Kumiky!

Satomin Yukawa

May Kay ♥


  1. I noticed lots of gals now appreciate Satomin. Her picture is all over tumblr! ~ I like her short hair too but recently she got hair extensions >.< I still prefer the short hair.

  2. I love those furry hats with the long 'scarf'-things attached to them! : D they're so darn cute! Sadly they're also like.. 150 bucks. : ( boo