Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Ouran High School Live Action ♥

Just quite a quick post :D

I know this is old news, but I have been watching it since the beginning. I think it is so good! except the characters look nothing alike…*cough cough*

I am in LOVE with Kaoru x Hikaru! *fan girl squeal

Apparently there is a film out in 2012!

Here are all the episodes, with translations, except the last one for some reason…:

1 -

2 -

3 -

4 -

5 -

6 -


May Kay ♥


  1. WAHHH~ I cannot wait to watch these! Thanks for posting links to them.
    Hikaru and Kaoru really brought me to keep watching the anime after I first witnessed their forbidden love lol:)

  2. WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hmmmm i gotta watch this one :D
    although i dont like live things lol i prefer anime but this one looks worth the shot ^^
    thank you for sharing :) arigatou one sa~

  3. the live action also come out in series.have you watch it??it was incredibly funny!