Wednesday, 31 August 2011

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At the moment I am desperate to be skinnier. I SO WANNA BE 37KG LIKE TSUBASA AND HIKARI! I know I wont be able to though because I have ‘dancer legs’ witch basically are very muscular. I even resulted in using Slim Fast and it tastes of flour D:

This is the third time I have done this post and it is eventually getting smaller and smaller.


I am going to talk about the subject of Gyaru Mamas!

What are Gyaru Mamas I hear you say!

Gyaru Mamas are Gyaru mothers, just like in the title. They are usually about 18 ish to 25. They tend to still stick to Gyaru trends and dress their children as ‘Gyaru Gaki’ which is translated as Gyaru Brat. Think Yumetenbou childrens. They tend not to have long nails I noticed which is probably because its in the way.

Here is a small… section of Egg magazine August that says about Gyaru Mamas


Some of them are 19, 18… 0_o The girl on the right is 25.


One of the most famous Gyaru Mamas is Tsubasa Masuwaka! She has a boy who is 2 or 3 I think? I think he is called Rion or something beginning with R >< She had him with her husband, model Naoki Umeda!

In Japan, they stereotype Gyaru Mamas as irresponsible. This isn’t always true but there have been cases such as Gyaru Mama made her daughter grow her nails so long that she couldn’t use a pencil which effected her school work.

They have a magazine especially for Gyaru mamas called ‘I love Mama’. It is very similar to normal Gyaru magazines like it has fashion, make up, hair but it also has cooking for your child, childrens clothing etc.

Here are a few scans. Now I am using Live Writer is it easier to put up. I can only find the February 2009 one.


 025 026 007 010 011 012 020 022

057 043 044 052 053 054 055 056

090 091 092 093 065 066 069 070 071 072 073 080 081 082 083

131 132 110 120 121 130


My Opinion

OMFG I SO WANNA BE A GYARU MAMA! I will dress her in matching brand outfits, do her nails gaaaaaah! I would never get pregnant at such a young age though. I also don’t really like children. Lmao I don’t think it will happen :L I think that Gyaru Mama is so so so cute.

Makes me feel forever alone


May Kay ♥

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  1. Oh, honey... I can total understand wanting to be skinnier,I want that all the time, but 37 kilos... That's sick. (Unless you are really fucking short) Most people shouldn't be under 50 kilos I think. (Unless they are really fucking short!xD)