Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Dolly Wink volume mascara review + magazine collection ♥

At the moment, my goal is 250 followers before the 11th of August! (When I go on holiday)

Also, before I go back to school, I am getting my hair done like this. Dip dye - I am such a hipster.

Someone emailed me and requested a magazine collection

My two Gals beauty - Beauty school and Girly Gal

Popteen December, February and April

Hana-Chu, Gothic and Lolita bible and KERA

Egg magazines

 Nails of the week 

Now time for the review!
I look kind of Ulzzang? Do you think I suit Ulzzang better to Gyaru?

Without makeup. Pardon my eyelid tape. My eyelashes - I know what your thinking - what eyelashes? Basically I have so little because I get irritated with my eyelashes and pull them out. I am a freak I know. Apparently its a sign of stress.

First coat. Makes my eyelashes long

Second coat - volumises lashes

I look like a tortured soul.

Join me on my bed *waggles eyebrows*

Makes my eyelashes long and cute
Isn't clumpy
Adorable packaging
Has a little booklet of how to have Tsubasa eyelashes

Hard to get. Can only really get online.

May Kay ♥


  1. Can't wait till I see you with hair done! Awesome idea, awesome nails and look :D

  2. I really like that dip hair dye look, really cute. I love your teddy nail

  3. I love the hair idea! And thanks for the review! I've been looking for a review on the Volume type for a long time!

  4. OHH i love that lashes!! and thanks for reviewing :-) and I like your nails but my mom would kill me if I try, haha

    Anyway that lenses are this lens? if yes I wanna try too!!!

    ありがとう !!