Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Gyaru with parents ♥

This is a topic that I wanted to talk about ages ago. Because I still live with my parents (obv ><) they do see what I am interested in.... that doesn't make any sense.
Here is the trouble I have:

Because my dad is a stereotypical Asian parent (if you don't know what it is, click here or here) he doesn't like me going out of the house instead I have to study. But aaaanyway, he hates Gal. He always does the faces wich pretend to be them and it is very annoying. He goes behind my back and looks at my magazines. He complains about my hair being too light and he thinks I am trying to be white or an anime character. >< He hates my nails and says I should spend that time studying.
Lastly, he doesn't let me wear lenses. I have to sneak them behind his back. I have nearly had them for about a year now and he still doesn't know about my 7 pair collection. He also doesn't know that my sister tried them. I have to be really sneaky.
I have to stop writing because my dad is waking up (yes its like living in a prison)

May Kay ♥


  1. Me and my sister still live with our mother and our grandmother will soon move in, but they are really open minded about these things^^
    But our aunt is not that open minded....she is always coming with some comments about our clothes....:s