Sunday, 28 August 2011

Back to schoool! ♥

I am back to school next Monday. I bought school supplies and everything. I am actually kind of looking forward to going back to school to see other people – because I am a nerd like that :P I have been busy blogging to make it up to you ♥

By the way, you may or may not have noticed that I don’t comment on some of your posts. I don’t know why but Blogger won’t let me comment on most blogs. I will still try and comment on your posts though. I don’t know why but blogger is being funny =/

I thought I might share what I bought. I tried to have a Hello Kitty theme, like most of my things :L


Hello Kitty bag in bought from Portugal. I pout on a pom pom which you can’t see and an Eyeore which I can’t spell. Someone commented if I travel there, I go there every year for summer :D


I have my ‘Tsuzutsu chan’ mirror. I have no idea who she is but thats what it says D: I also have gum and a brush with a bow on it.

Mind my pink fur thing. I have a fake foxtail on my camera.


Lens solution and drops. Most of the time I wear my lenses to school – bad habit I know.




Whats in my pencil case. For some reason I forgot to take a picture of le pencil case. Its basically got Hello Kitty blowing bubbles on it.


Lmao what I looked like a year ago. My derp picture.

May Kay ♥

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  1. That bag is so cute!
    And I'm glad you're blogging again~