Sunday, 12 June 2011

Rant ♥

A few things I need to rant about. Feel free not to read!
I am so sick of people saying I am trying to be Japanese! I am not, OK? I think its perfectic when people say I am trying to act Asian. 1) I AM Asian and 2) YOU CANNOT ACT ASIAN
Its like saying acting American. Its just stereotypes. Also, because I like Gal, DOES NOT MEAN I want to be Japanese! Sure it would be handy to be able to read the magazines but even if Gal came from, idk France? I would still do it!
My dad says that I am betraying him. Well, I will betray him all I like because this is what I like and he can't stop me. When he was younger he had idols too! His friends said that it was wrong to like Anime / Gal when I am not Japanese. They liked Pirates of the Carribean and that isn't considered to be wrong.
Another thing is that I am also not trying to change my heritage! Ok, I am trying to get bigger eyelids, whiter skin and lighter hair but that's the style and they try to tan and no one says they are trying to be black.

And a second thing is Why do everyone slag off UK gals? Ok, there maybe one or two fails but that doesn't represent the whole of the damn UK population! There are also some fails in America, Australia etc and they don't have a reputation of being rubbish. If I'm honest, I think I and lots of my Gal cir (Majikko) are quite good gals.
I saw this on Gyaru secrets and it really annoyed me

How dare they slag off people they don't know? I haven't met any of them but they are probably beautiful people on the inside and if I'm honest, they don't look much different to the rest of the Gajin Gal world. Lots of the pictures are old, like the girl with the orangy blonde hair, she has improved so much over time! Who is Hime Gyaru Geisha anyway?

May Kay ♥

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