Friday, 3 June 2011

How to afford the Gal lifestyle ♥

Apparently people have trouble affording the Gal lifestyle? According to the number of Gyaru Secrets 0.0
How can I afford it? If I'm honest, I get my parents to pay for most. Don't think of me as spoilt though  >.< I work for my money (revising for exams earn money) I am trying to save money at the moment though.
Here is a few ways of saving money! (By the way all the usually and cheaper priced are per month)

I dye my own hair. I cut my fringe myself because stylists cut my fringe to short or thin but other than that I get it cut at the hair dressers. I don't use extensions because my hair is naturally thick and mine is quite long (just below my boobs - apparently its called the pornstar?). It does take a lot of dye to get my hair from its natural black to a dark / medium brown. Black roots are also annoying.
I use serum, I change my shampoo / conditioner every week so my hair doesn't get used to it, rinse my hair with cold water etc. Also using aqueous cream is a great hair mask.
Alternative, bleaching and dying.

Usually (Extensions, dye, hair cut, treatments) = £200 - £300
Cheap = £50

I don't do this. I LOVE MY DAMN MAGAZINES! 
Before I started buying my magazines, I downloaded them. Here is were I downloaded them from:

Popteen July 2011!
Usually = £20
Cheap = Free!

This is what I do. I do my own nails! £50 is too much for me to spend a month. 
It costs me next to nothing. I buy nails in bulk order and decorate them. You can remove the decorations after you finish with them and re-use! Its easy, you just have to get the hang of it. It only costs me less than £20. Get Deco from rings, hair clips etc. You will need lots of nail glue!

(Garcon is AV by the way ;) )
Usually = £30 - £70 a month
Cheap = £2 
Save = up to £68

I don't do this either - I love my damn brands!
Shop for high street clothes! You can get similar items for about half the price!
Alternatively you could go on Gyaru Sales for second hand clothing

Usually = £30 - £70
Cheaper = Depends really

I love my brands too much to give this up XD
You don't need to have brand makeup to be Gal! As long as you do your makeup nicely then no one will notice!

Usually = £30
Cheaper = £5

May Kay ♥

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