Saturday, 11 June 2011

Bambi eye in Sesame Grey review (fobby barbie) ♥

I lalalove my Bambi lenses, maybe because every Gal model has them? Idgaf. I am so getting the brown ones!
No lashes in the picture >< For some reason my lash glue went off and it is the worse smell I have ever smelt

Appearance = 5/5
They have been called by other people, my Dolly eyes ^^ They have a black ish ring and grey and then they have specs of brown and they are just jizzable

Natural = 1/5
I don't really like natural lenses because people don't give you strange looks and really notice them. Wakaka! I am an attention whore (just joking, I don't want people to not see my babies)

Largement = 4/5
Quite big... maybe I am asking for the photoshopped look? I will never get it 

Confort = 2/5
They were comfortable to wear all day but for some reason they keep on moving! I can feel it moving and it is very distracting ><

Fobby Barbie were so cheap and good shipping ^^
Get yours here at

May Kay ♥


  1. I love the Bambi series!
    I have green and the chocolate brown one >w<
    I need the sesam grey one too *_*
    It looks good on you♥

  2. They look so pretty on you! You should definitely make a post if you get another pair in the series:)

    Which one are you planning on getting, the almond or the chocolate?