Sunday, 20 February 2011

Tsubasa current collaborations ♥

I am currently making a new layout. The theme is a surprise :P
Also, I finally found my camera so I will post some long awaiting reviews next week. Expect many posts
Another post about Tsu-chan, shes just too cute for words.

Dolly Wink

Dolly wink is made with Koji and is very popular, especially the lashes. The current product line includes top and bottom fake eyelashes, long and volume mascara, pencil and liquid eyeliner and eyeshadow.

Candy Doll
Candy Doll is Tsubasa's first makeup line and it has recently get more famous. It is constantly featured in magazines such as Ageha, Popteen and Egg. Their products are reliantly good quality but expensive to ship. The cureent product line includes Blush, lipgloss, lip concealer, lip stick, highlighters, mineral powders and a limited edition brush.
Coming soon, concealer and foundation. You can see behind the scenes photoshoot pictures here.
Quite strange, I actually had a cream about Candy Doll blush in Orange 0.0
Website here:

Uno et L'etoile

Uno et L'etoile is a collection of wedding dresses designed by Uno Kanda.(ex model)
Uno et L'etoile is roughly translated from French to 'Uno and the Stars'

This is very recent. She models for Kyocera - a Japanese mobile phone brand. If you look at the website, you will see that she dressed up as a new person for every different phone, presumably the target audience.

This is an old collab but I thought it deserved a mention ^_^ Palty is a hair dye brand by Dariya. There are so many colours to choose from!

Both Tsubasa and Naoki model for EDWIN in a sub-brand called 'Umetsuba' (both their names mixed up). 

Tsubasa kimono styling
She designs her own kimonos. (Couldn't find much)

Tsubasa Kids kimono styling
I wanta family like this! I am aware that the kids aren't her real kids XD
She also designs children Kimonos - what doesn't she do?

Angel Colour
If you have ever wondered what circle lenses she wears, it is Angel Colour's Bambi Series. It feautures 4 lens colours: Apple Green, Sesame Gray, Chocolate Brown and Almond. They only last for three months and the are 14.2mm diametre because she said 'she doesn't like them too big' (Lol thats what she said :D)

Tsubasa x KITAMURA

Not many people have heard of this XD. Kitamura is a brand which sells photoframes, cards etc.

May Kay ♥


  1. Gosh Tsubasa is making everything like makeup and clothing she's probably so rich because her products aren't even cheap T.T

  2. @ Emy. LOL.
    What an idol Tsubasa is compared to the original depiction/stereotyping of gyaru as dropouts/freeters with little to no direction, or that they had to graduate gyaru style if going to pursue serious work. Not saying these aren't valid standards for real gyaru on the street, but still an extraordinary model. She is definitely living the dream. Go hard work <3

  3. I can't help but wonder how much money this girl must be making.. Her face is on SO many products in Japan! Her face and makeup is like a brand that some companies get the privilege of using in their campaigns.. MAN she's lucky!

  4. wow didn't know she's so hard working, that's great!
    She's so cute as school boy haha.