Friday, 11 February 2011

Shibuhara (渋原) / Harashibu (原渋) ♥

Harashibu is the way Egg mag calls it.
Shibuhara (not to be mistaken for Shibuhara, a programme on MTV which I have never watched)  is what Popsister describes as 'taking the good parts from Harajuku (fairy kei, decora etc) and Shibuya (Gal)' A lot like Pastelly Amekaji! A lot of cartoons (e.g. Hello Kitty, Snoopy), pastel colours and pastel patterns.

Akaharu あかはる (model for Buzz Spunky) 

A main one is Popsister, their looks kind of revolves around the style. 

  • W♥C
  • Pink Latte
  • Honey's
  • SBY
  • Tralala
  • Candy Stripper
  • JSG
  • Milkfed

Hair + Makeup
Casual Gal is only used, no Harajuku style.

Slogan, nerdy, stripes, layered tees, oversized hoodies or flowy shirt dresses.

Frill skirt, distressed denim or loose hot pants

Hi-tops or trainers mainly. Uggs are also used.

Pastel nerd glasses, knitted pompom hats, mis-matching tights, slouchy socks, knee socks, scrunchies, Geeky bags

Gal spam!

Gyaru / Gyaru-o

Chinatsu Wakatsuki


Nana Suzuki

Ayumi Hamasaki

May Kay ♥

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