Monday, 14 February 2011

This fortnights nails! ♥

Happy Valentines day!
Has anyone tried dried Longgan? They're so good ^3^
I never usually wear fake nails because my hands are tiny, so my nails are too small for all the nails. So I had to file the sides XD Also my nails can grow quite long (people ask if they are fake a lot) But I got sick of growing them and faked it :)

Left hand (pinkie to thumb)
Pastel pink, pastel pink strawberry with diamanté, glitter pink, red strawberry with diamanté, I ♥ *picture of strawberry (Lots of detail on that :D)

Right hand (again, pinkie to thumb)
White with silver heart, pastel pink strawberry with diamanté, (different shade) pastel pink with hole in the nail and a bell (I jingle when I type), pink glitter, pastel pink.

Some non-Gal pictures!

Gal pictures! (I should really make a Tumblr)


Chinatsu Wakatsuki


Other / Unknown

May Kay ♥

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  1. The Chinatsu Wakatsuki photo made me think that someone broke all her bones.. O_O Then I found out that she was just laying upside down. Hahah xD