Thursday, 17 February 2011

Anime / Manga ♥

I la-la-love manga :D It is one of the only things I read! Here is a list of my recommendations and what I have read / reading. I am going to a convention this year in London - I am going as (I don't know who yet) someone from To Heart. (if you want to find where so we can meet up, please email me :)) Also I am going to this even where me and my friend are cosplaying Chihiro and No Face from Spirited Away. Its a great film. Watch it.  What is your opinion on Yaoi / Yuri / Hentai. Personally, I think that (non extreme) yaoi is quite cute ^_^

Bra Girls

It has quite a... individual story line. (You'll understand if you read it) I would recommend this for anyone who has a sense of humour.
FIY, I'm not lesbian, or bisexual. The cover is just misleading.

Death Note

This is really cliché but I am in LOVE with L. It is also a great storyline and annoyingly addictive. It is about a boy, Light Yagami (read is surname backwards XD) and he finds a 'Death Note' which is a book that when you write down their name, case of death etc, they die.
I would recommend this for anyone who likes supernatural or mystery.

Super Gals

I love the anime but the manga does drag on a bit and I am very impatient. It is about a group of friends (who call themselves Gals) living in Shibuya, and their day to day life about school, boys, parents, fashion etc. I would recommend this to anyone who likes Shoujo (for girls ages 10 - 18), school life and romance.

Junjou Romantica

Yaoi. I prefer watching it as it isn't as extreme and graphic. Please don't spam comments about how it is disgusting. It is about a (guy) student of 18, who falls for his older brothers firend (also a guy).
I would recommend this for anyone who lives Yaoi or Shounen Ai (Boys Love)

Absolute Boyfriend

My favourite manga. It is about a girl who orders a mechanic boyfriend. I cried so damn much in the end. It is a really good storyline and not too much to read. Absolute Boyfriend is quite popular which is good so I can get some from Waterstones.
It also shows that if you want a guy so perfect, you have to buy him (I'm joking)
I would recommend this to anyone who likes romances.

Ouran Highschool

Just started reading. It is really good so far. 
It is about boys that set up a 'Host Club'
Good for someone that likes Shoujo.

May Kay ♥


  1. Aw nice recommendations! Absolute bf is the same creator of fushigi yugi, ryt? Yu Watase? hahahah I love her works!!

    SHibuya gals sounds nice! I'll check it out <3 thanks for sharing. I have few manga faves too but I didn't like the ending its called "emerging" ~
    very informative and creepy.

    I also enjoy reading Chi's sweet home. It relieves stress haha!

    I also like Kuragehime, which is very very gal related LOL not that much but it acknowledges presence of gals and himes in Japan ^_____^~

  2. Ouran is the best ever!;__; Especially the anime, I think it's actually better than manga.

  3. I love manga too! : D It's a great way to read nice stories without having to go through massive books filled with text and no photos! xD

    some of my favorites: KARE First Love, Death Note (even tho I feel that the great story died with L), Fullmetal Alchemist, I.N.V.U (they stopped releasing it after 4th vol. tho, lol) and Gravitation.

    Yaoi? HAHAHA, I used to write fanfictions with my friends featuring misc. jrockers. I think it's pretty funny. I got over the whole sexual thing with the fanfics, but the funny ones are.. yeah funny : D Yaoi is not so much my thing anymore. I guess I grew out of it somehow..

  4. OH MY GOD I LOVE JUNJOU!!!! It's so adorable~

    I've read+watched the Super Gals series. It was okay....

    Death Note = YES

    The manga I reccomend are:

    Cardcaptor Sakura
    Ranma 1/2
    Lovely Complex

    I also love Keroro and Neon Genesis Evangelion~

    Good list!