Friday, 9 December 2011

Merry Christmas! ♥

So so so sorry for not posting for a while. My internet connection and la di dah but I am back :) Christmas makes me very happy. I love Christmas so much! I love the atmosphere, I love the decorations I also love how I have All I Want For Christmas Is You on repeat. I have been busy with my exams and just life in general. I also have been doing a lot of Christmas card and present wrapping and writing!

At the moment I am very into mismatching things. Like at the moment I have green hair on one side and pink on the other. Also I like having odd eyes. Soon I shall be the girl with all five colour in my hair!

 DSCF5951 DSCF5961


Here is a outfit / camwhore thing from when I went to see my boyfriend on strike day. I can’t remember or see what I was wearing but I remember the tights where from Blue Banana and my skirt was from W♥C.


DSCF5985 DSCF5993 DSCF5994 DSCF6017 DSCF6054  DSCF6074

Me and some friends opened a cake stall for the Christmas market. Lmao I think that I should do Hengao more because I like showing my… strange sense of humour ♥


Room things!


I got this AKB48 poster a while ago but I only put it up recently. Oh my bloody hell it is so adorable. I still can’t get over the adorableness of the Heavy Rotation video! I sound like a dirty fetishist –_-‘


Mio from K-ON… I thought I should treat myself. I ordered it from Tokyo Toys. The boobs are so squishy and fun. Me Gusta.


My cute little tree :)


May Kay ♥

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