Monday, 12 December 2011

GEO One Tone Brown lens review ♥


Woah how long has it been since I made a lens review? Ages it seems ><’


Base Curve: 8.6

Diameter: 14.0mm

Water Content: 42%

Lens Type: 1 year disposable

Manufacturer: GEO Medical


DSCF6103 DSCF6011

With and without lenses. As you can tell they look like my natural eyes but slightly more defines. Both I think with flash on.




I bought them because I loved the natural kind of style lenses because at the time I was very influenced by AKB48 and they all seemed to have a similar pair. I love the way it is a natural brown ring which kind of blends into my eye colour witch enlarges my eye a bit and still looks natural! I like how because it looks like my real eyes, I am eventually getting more and more ok with myself without lenses. Downside is that I find them too natural because I am used to obvious ones.




They are very comfortable to put in (probably because I wore my old lenses which were uncomfy) but they do get very drying. Even more drying that my usual 14.5mm lenses and more similar to 14.8mm or something which I find strange as they are only 14mm. Always carry a bottle of contact lens eyedrops if you use them. I usually have them in for about 8 hours – bad habit I know. It also find it strange that it dries out my eyes much much because they have quite a high water content. =/



I think these lenses are very good value for money seeming as I only paid £11 (including shipping) so I give these lenses 8.7/10!


Haha pardon my dressing gown – for those in the UK – you know how cold it gets. I also dyed my hair green and red for Christmas! It kind of turned out turquoise and pin –_-


I Want Cute

I found that I Want Cute were a perfect site! Not only were they cheap, they had super fast shipping (because they are from the UK) but they also sent a free gift (a mask thing – you can choose your own at the checkout) and lens case. I don’t really know about the contacting time because I never tried to contact them but my parcel arrived about 3 days later?

Get a pair here!


They send a cute sticker witch I thought I would show ^^


May Kay ♥

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  1. I like natural lenses like these :D