Monday, 7 November 2011

Tsubsasa news! ♥

As much as I don’t do fake eyelashes anymore and I don’t like Tsubasa as much (I like her face and hair and life but I don’t find her clothing very inspiring) I still will write about Dolly Wink :D

Tsubasa released some new Dolly Wink products! There will be 6 new false eyelashes, new lash glues, eyebrow pencil, eyebrow mascara and eyebrow palette! Buy ALL the Dolly Wink products!

Tsubasa’s face is everywhere on this post D:

I think the new eyelashes are absolutely gorgeous. The bottom eyelashes don’t look as dainty and easy to break and the top eyelashes look really natural. I like the criss cross ones. I think that they look very interesting.


Tsubasa also released some Candy Doll brushes! They are made of 100% goats hair and there are two sets – face and cheeks. I think the face one was about £18? I can’t remember.


She also released a new single! It is called No Shape of Love. I could only find the preview so far.


Lastly, she released some new S-Leg! I would love to get some S-Leg stuff… its just that they wouldn’t fit my muscular legs. Ergh I am so getting calf reduction surgery when I can.

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