Sunday, 13 November 2011

David and Goliath review ♥

I ordered from David and Goliath not long ago (from ChicksRule) and I thought I should do a review for them because that is how nice I am :)


Here is my order (the HISS top is my sisters a while back but I thought I might include it). I ordered a Cinnamon lip balm (£2), and a sushi hoodie (£39) which came up to £43.95


First of all, the lipbalm review :)


It came in this little cute packaging. I show the front and the back. I think maybe the main reason I ordered it was because of the adorable packaging.DSCF5818

It is kind of a pale peacky colour. It smells wonderful of Cinnamon (obviously) and it does kind of taste of it too. (I don’t eat it, I lick my lips). Personally, I haven’t noticed any change to the kind of softness of my lips but maybe thats because they are already quite soft because I use lipbalm all the time? Probably that.

And online friend that had that told me that David and Goliath lip blams really sting when you have a cold sore. Personally, I have yet to experience that problem because I haven’t got a cold sore XD


Swatch on my hand (it is there, you just can’t see it) and on my lips. It doesn’t make any difference what so ever. I’m not sure how I feel about it…

Overall, I give this product a 8/10. Mainly because I am not sure what I wanted from this product and it is kind of the same as you everyday standard lip balm.


Onto the hoodie!


Here is the design on mine. The inside is very soft and comfortable. A downside to this hoodie is that both me and my sister ordered a size 10, but we found that it was too big and the sleeve would bunch up. Maybe we just have short arms? Idk.

The hoodie is actually really really good quality.


Another downside is that, I don’t know if you can see it, but after one wash it started to look quite grey instead of white and it looks a bit old. 


Here is is on. I give the hoodie a 9/10. Purely because it is good value for money, I love the design and it is so good quality!


I made this skeleton hand hair clip and leggings.



May Kay ♥

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