Friday, 14 October 2011

A week in pictures and text ♥

I seriously need a new layout! Anyway, hopefully I will be blogging again on a regular basis. I have a new tumblr url but I can’t post it… erhm ask me if you want it because I am supposed to hide it from friends :3 The haitus was to do with my food attitude… ehh don’t worry :)



Dyed part of my hair purple but because my hair is so damaged it won’t take any colour so I am planning to dye it black with pink bits when the purple washes out!



Made these babies! I am also starting on my Milky Bunny costume. I wore the heels out when I was kind of… drunk lmao and got loads of blisters.



Camera whore is my middle name



Maid outfit arrived! I have no arm because I had to hold the apron to cover my boobs. And it is creased because its strait from the box. Petti that I ordered underneath! Also ordered Hell Cat Punk eyeball hair clips!


Bipolar inspired nails D:



Started my coursework toile of my lolita dress!



Got into the habit of wearing odd lenses all the time



Just thought I would share you this picture. I done my lips – I like


May Kay ♥

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  1. love your pics and heels!
    love to get your tumblr url!

    hope you blog regularly again!