Sunday, 9 October 2011

Leaving Gyaru! ♥

Sorry about my haitus. My situation is getting better but it doesn't matter
I have decided to leave Gyaru for the great Harajuku!
I been Gyaru for about 15 months? And I decided I need a change because I am that type of person that can't stick to one style for very long.
Why you say? Well, heres a few reasons:
Boredom with the style. I found that Gyaru is kind of boring me.
False eyelashes don't suit me. Some of the outfits don't suit me. Meh whutever
Harajuku is so much more my thing! Its more... eccentric. I found that after a while I got sick of blending in with people in the UK because Gyaru in Japan stand out a hell of a lot more than Gyaru in the UK (attention whore - I know!) Also I kind of got sick of idk it sound weird but... looking like a white person when I am actually asian? I am proud of my heritage and I don't want people to know that I am asian which sound weird but its true
Bitchiness in the western Gyaru comm is a slight thing that made me change my mind but it hardly effected me at all to be clear :) I am sick of every Gyaru is light brown hair, no bright colours, no piercings. I like them all :3

I will still carry on with this log. I may not blog as much because of my current... state of mind but I will carry on with this blog in me turning Harajuku!

May Kay ♥


  1. I'm curious about your new style a lot !! <3

  2. I think it's fine to keep your options open. There's nothing wrong with changing your style. AMEN!! I wanna see you in your new harajuku style soon ;D

  3. I love both styles. Eccentric is awesome. Look forward to seeing other styles