Sunday, 16 October 2011

Proff photoshoot ♥

Me and some friends had some kind of proffesional photoshoot thing for Shannon’s birthday. This was in July time so it is really postponed. I look horrible in them because since June, I seem to have really changed. Also it didn’t help from having a slight hangover. Guilty as charged. This is just a small post but I needed to do it for a while :) Also I didn’t post this because we never got the pictures yet. They also done a cosplay shoot but I didn't because I don’t have any Kuroshitsuji cosplay things.


Here is what I looked like. Yes I had my Dolly Wink mascara and Candy Doll stuff in my hand for some reason. Abbie used hell loads of my lipstick D: I liked them nails :3


No you will not see my muscley calves. I have changed in shape as well since the photoshoot thank god.


I had to remove the water make because it will be a bit obvious were I lived if I kept it on. Noone stalk me bitch :P I will only put up one because the other two I look worst in.


May Kay ♥

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