Sunday, 30 October 2011

Things and such ♥

Sorry for being a bad blogger :( I was on holiday and… things which I won’t post. Anyway I will put up some pictures of things. I also dyed my hair black on top and pink underneath. I will put up a picture soon :D

Halloween tomorrow! I shall be attending the tumblr halloween party. Also I am going to a tumblr meetup in November… Corey says I am sad.

Here is my tumblr :D


Pictures of me and Ola at my boyfriend’s halloween party. We were gory nurses. I had a syringe through my ear but I forgot to upload a picture. In my opinion it looked quite cool.

I deleted my favourite picture D: Shame because Ola’s comment to that was ‘Dat cleavage’

Ola is a hot mess



I also had a holiday in Wales with my mum, nan, grandad and my beautiful sister. It was so cold D: Its good that we are similar sizes because we share all our clothes.

I know these are all stupid pictures. Me and my sister just don’t take serious pictures. Lmao we have the same weird personality >< I wish I was as naturally pretty as her



May Kay ♥

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  1. ~Wow, you have such a great costume. I think you and your sister are so beautiful hehe. Visit me sometime ^^
    ~XOXO Charlotte