Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The evolution of May Kay! ♥

Sorry for not posting for a long time >.<
Here are what I went through (style-wise) I hate nearly all of these pictures but I think they're quite funny. Maybe I will look back on myself today and laugh and laugh at how stupid I looked?
Personally, I think my appearance overall has improved.

I was young, OK?

Ewwwwww >.<
I went through a really bad scene phase (for about a year - I swear most people went through an emo / scene phase) I had coontails - srsly?

Hmmm =/ Decora didn't really work. I was only into Decora for a few months

I was Ulzzang but failed miserably because I had no circle lenses, falsies and eyelid glue / tape. - The whole damn concept of the style!

Lexi Bee inspired
This is Lexi Bee. I was obsessed with her and her style. I can still see why I liked it but I wouldn't go full on pink like that - I don't have enough confidence!

(now) Gyaru
I feel like my hair is too dark. I need to lighten it but I'm scared of looking too tan! I am still going through my Gal makeover!

May Kay ♥

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