Saturday, 2 April 2011

Mini room tour! ♥

I'm back. ^_^
Here is a small room tour. I like my roomto be very bright and child-like Hope you enjoy!

Panda image >.< Hello Kitty inflatable!

My artwork - picture thing. It includes HK, Rillakuma and manga that I like

Doraemon hat and HK bag

My two HKs that cost me over £100 together 0.0 Yes I still sleep with bears

HK lamp, my chicken wind up toy called Martin

Cork board. LOL Jeffree Star pencils from my scene days

Magazine shelf overflowed so I had to move it. My 'doll' shoes. They're too big. I am a size 3

Chococat, My Melody, Care Bear and Kerropi

Mirror, my products

Table, jewellery, faux fox tail, Tsu-chan makeup

Little calamondin tree ^_^

School bag, Makeup car bag and Japanese learning box


Shelf, MLP ane HK toys, some of my hair / body products, books, circle lense drawer, HK sofa, deco shelf

New Nails

 May Kay ♥

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