Wednesday, 13 April 2011

13/4/2011 ♥

Today I went out to the nearest city, _____ (aha, I don't want stalkers T_T) and went shopping! Here are my buys!
Technically, I didn't buy this today but it arrived a few days earlier.
Skirt: £25, W♥C 

Silly Bands! I have always wanted some. Life achievement.
Disney Silly Bands: £1 (sale ;D), Claire's

Them extensions were too dark!
Extensions: £5 (again, sale), The Hair Company
Bag: £7, Primark

Bangle 1: £2 (I think), Primark
Bangle 2: £2 (I think), Primark

Many necklaces!

'Love' necklace: £2 (I think), Primark
Teapot necklace: Free, gift from my sister!
Cake necklace: £5, Claires
Strawberry Diamante necklace: £4, Primark

Spring themed nails! Yes I know that they are not very good v_v

Makeup for today. I have a big lump of eyelash glue XD

May Kay ♥

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