Sunday, 1 May 2011

AV Gals ♥

Sorry for not posting much. I have been busy with revision. I have about 8 exams in a space of one week soon!

I sound like a pervert, but I loooove AV Gals! (Adult video gals) Not because of their job (In fact, I greatly dislike their job - but who am I to talk? I have no job v.v) but for their manba style! I also love how they aren't stick thin like all the other gals.
Popular AV Gals are:

Izumi Mana


I also think it is quite cool that they have gay gyaruo porn. If I am honest, I never really seen / watched it before I get critised XD

A special tumblr dedicated to AV gals!

May Kay ♥

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