Tuesday, 30 November 2010

(Ultra Cheap) fake eyelash review ♥

I ordered Popteen December, usually I just download the magazine, but I'm buying it because it looks good on Gal's Pop.

During Manba Day, I went to my local pound store and found these. I know I'm cheap >.<

I liked them because they looked like the lashes that Nana Suzuki wears, from the thick bits in the lashes. Such a bad description

I laaaaaaave Nana Suzuki :D (obviously not in a bit of a lesbian way XD)

Aanyway I got them and they look like this

The glue is so bad! >.< It looks worse in real life haha, but its worth it for £1.

May Kay ♥


  1. you should use hair bonding glue, it will hold the lashes for ages and at the same time is easy to come if you need it to plus its black so you might not even have to use eye liner =P xx

  2. thats supposed to say EASY TO COME OFF IF YOU NEED IT TO lol sorry xx

  3. They look great!! Proof that price doesnt matter! :D