Thursday, 18 November 2010

Gal makeup ♥

My blog is becoming more popular :) It gives me the motivation to move on. I love seeing comments from you.

I know that in Popteen, you get hundred and thousand of makeup routines. This one is my favourite. This is the one I usually follow. Except no fake eyelashes for school and I put on mscara before eyeliner to make it look more natural (school doesn't allow makeup)
Feauturing TSUBASA!

The products she uses : 
1) Dolly Wink eyeliner pencil in Black
2) Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner
3) Trio tone brown eyeliner (can't find brand)
4) Dolly Wink top lashes in Dolly Sweet
5) Dolly Wink bottom lashes in Real Nude
6) Mascara (can't find brand)
7) Candy Doll lame glitter in Champagne

Apply brown (1, middle shade) eyeshadow in the pink dotted area

Apply darker brown (1, first shade) along the pink dotted area.

Apply highlighter add the bottom of your eyes to brighten them

Fill in the gap along your eyelashes

Draw over the previous line with black liquid eyeliner.

 Apply top falsies

Use mascara and curl you eyelashes with a heated eyelash curler

Apply bottom falsies. Be careful you don't look scary.

Apply lame powder underneath your eyes to finish

Cheeks: Soft pink colour
Lips : Milky pink shade

I have noticed that Popteen also use the same makeup products a lot. They also use drugstore brand but I find it boring to talk about >.< Here are some.
The * means I will review it at sometime

Dolly Wink lashes *
Requested that my sister orders them for me for christmas :) Still not sure which one to get though

Cosmagic blush *
It arrived a few days back. It was smaller than I expected. I only really ordered it for the fluffy 'wand' Haven't opened it yet because it is supposed to be for Christmas from my mum

Candy Doll blush

Eyemazing lashes
They are so expensive to be shipped to the UK. The cheapest I have found it £15 0.0 I really want the Eyemazing in no 001. Very Nana Suzuki.

Candy Doll powder
Also very expensive - £20 (about the price of circle lenses)

Candy Doll lip gloss*
I ordered this but it got lost in the mail so I'm ordering again :)

Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner*
Its very good. Very log lasting and the brush is very precise!

Anything by Melliesh
I know these are only promo pictures

The new Melliesh eyelid tape, brush and eyeliner :) I like the eyeliner but apparently its more like an eyeshadow consistency. Planning to order the blush soon.

Diamond lash
I'm not a big fan of Diamond Lash. The packaging looks quite cheap looking. Kanako promotes this - she is one of my favourite models for her originality. But you get a lot of lashes for your money.

May Kay ♥


  1. The tutorials themselves don't seem too difficult but i can never get the eyeliner to look so perfect,i guess i need more practice...
    I'm really curious,from where do you get your japanese makeup products?

  2. Yes i thought about ebay,i hoped you had other sources too ;))

  3. Hi everyone. i am selling candy doll make up. interested ? please drop me a message at thank you