Friday, 10 December 2010

Head to toe GAL - Intro ♥

First in hopefully this will become a series :)
Sorry I won't post that often. Busyness XD

Gal is a fashion movement. Gal is Gyaru in Japanese. (that doesn't make sense)

Shibuya is very connected to the Gal style. Mainly because of Shibuya 109 - a 9 floor shopping centre full of shops such as W♥C and Liz Lisa.

Gal is constantly evolving. It used to be a must to have milk tea colour curly hair. It has now a larger variety :) Gal is also very broad. There are many different types of Gals. (will be in another post soon) Gal is not dressing up or a cosplay. Ergh it makes me angry when people think that!

Generally, Gal looks polished and almost perfect. It will take a lot of time, effort and money.

SUPER GALS. Yes it is an anime. It features Ran Kotobuki who lives in Shibuya and a main theme is Gal style. I would recommend :)

First few points + advice on becoming Gal:

  1. Buy magazines. Magazines include Popteen (for girls around 14-17), Popsister (18/20 +), Ageha and Egg magazine (Manba style)
  2. Do your research! Find out all about brands, models etc.
  3. It WILL take time to become Gal.

Just some quizzes I found ^__^
I am Nana Suzuki

I got Popteen

I got Liz Lisa

I got Catalogue Gal

May Kay ♥

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