Friday, 10 December 2010

Dolly Wink liquid eyeliner review ♥

Price : £11
I got it from ebay and it only took two days to arrive which is really impressive.

Quite long lasting, but it fades through out the day sometimes (about 8 hours). It is quite good seeming as I have oily skin and other brands (such as Collection 2000) only stays on for about 2 hours.

Colour + brush
Very black. And the brush can do thick and thin lines. Swatch ^__^

The only reason I bought it ^_^' It has Tsubasa on the front and lacy and girly design. Unfortunately after it travelled around the world (Japan - UK - Portugal - and constantly around the UK) the paint is starting to face on the plastic bow :(

Translated roughly to English (back of the packaging)
  • Smudge proof, water, perspiration and sebum resistance for all day dolly eyes
  • Intense black. 
  • Easy to draw
  • Easy to remove with warm water.

Tips from Tsubasa
  • Use Dolly Wink eyeliner pencil to fill out the gaps between your falsies and natural eyelashes
  • Draw a thin line above your upper lash line (Be careful, thick lines make eyes look smaller!
  • Draw upward stroke 2-3mm upwards
  • For more impactful eyes, use pencil eyeliner to line you lower lash line.

May Kay ♥

P.S. Mah Bunneh. She is really violent 0.0

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  1. pls post a photo of you using them D: i also dying to get dollywink products esp lower lashes D: