Friday, 4 March 2011

Recent Co-Ords ♥

So so so sorry for not updating so much. I been super super busy with exams - I have no exams until about a month :D
Lastly, I need your opinion and help. I wear contacts around 5-6 days a week for about 9 hours (bad habit I know) and there was no problem but lately, I have had bloodshot eyes after I put them in. Do you think it is because of my nails? What should I do?

Hoodie : Jessica Louise
Top : New Look
Lace Shorts : eBay boutiwue
Skirt : Peacocks
Uggs : New Look
Legwarmers : eNay boutique
Fake foxtail : Etsy boutique

Top : W♥C
Lace shorts : eBay boutique
Skirt : Generation 915 @ New Look
Fake foxtail : Etsy boutique
Boots : Primark
Legwarmers : eBay boutique

Left hand (pinkie to thumb)
Blue music note with diamanté
Pink glitter with diamanté and pink bow
Dripping pink nail paint effect
Blue music not with diamanté
Pink glitter with diamanté

Right land (again, pinkie to thumb)
Blue music note with diamanté
Pastel pink with pearls
Pink glitter with diamanté
Navy blue with pastel heart
Nude colour with bell.

Individual lower lash
Bright pink cheeks
Brown eyeshadow
Lip pink lips

Non-Gal pictures

Gal pictures
Kana Nishino

TutuHa x Yumachi

Ange Rin Doll

Tsubasa x HONEYBEE

W♥C staff

Men's Egg Youth


May Kay ♥


  1. Ohh! Did u see the photo of Tsubasa without makeup? She's SOOOO pretty! *_* She posted it on her blog a while back..

    AND YAY! You got all the best kpoppers gathered : D SNSD, SuJu, SHINee, GD, Big Bang & 2ne1! : D <3

  2. you look pretty cute with your make up :)

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