Monday 1 August 2011

Gyaruo post - Mens Egg Youth scans ♥

I think I should Join a Gyaru cir... But a few problems I have faced with the following:
Majikko - I won't explain ><
Delight - too far away
And there is another one were you have to be over 18 and I am *cough cough* not...
I think I should just give up.

I so wanna Gyaruo boyfriend. Looking at these scans make me feel forever alone. We can read Japanese magazine together, and discuss hair, and discuss models, and I will shut up now.

I decided to download them because I was curious. Accidentally looked through the naked Gals - I don't think I will put them up... inappropriate for my readers. D: Some of the sex tips are quite amusing. I love how they represent a penis with a banana or a carrot...
Yes I do download the scans to drool over them LOL PROBLEM :D
It is October 2009 - aaaaages ago. The only scans I can find though.

Mens Egg Youth is for boys of I would say about 16 - 18? It is like Ame Kaji? Seriously I don't know much about Gyaruo magazines -__- No idea what the models are called.

Yes that is Kanako

 Makeup for boys! I kind of... like it. 

Nail art for boys and they Gyaru's opinion. My opinion... I don't really like it. I think its a bit feminine.

May Kay ♥


  1. LOLOLLLLO, Gyaruo nails pfff, but some of them are hot :D

  2. I do not know much about Japanese styles and now I saw it, I'm kind of shocked because I only knew Lolita. exists male version of Lolita?